Who are we?

What is the Science, Technology, and Policy Crossroad all about?

Discover: Bring together, for the first time, the greater Cambridge academic community interested in science and technology policy issues and their impact on society.

(source: wiki commons)

(source: wiki commons)

Connect: Overcome the awareness and communication gap between the many different STP sub-communities. Be as inclusive as possible.

Be visible: Strengthen the role and presence of our community in the dense Cambridge academic environment.

(source: wiki commons)

(source: wiki commons)

Build: Forum could be a starting point for an annual or bi-annual recurring event, with the potential to grow into a conference with national weight.


MIT Technology & Policy Program (TPP)

TPP is a graduate program that educates students both at the forefront of science and engineering, and the policy and societal implications of these fields and technologies, and the risks and opportunities associated with them. TPP fills a gap in traditional university education by complementing advanced technological knowledge with training in policy analysis, economics, law, sociology, and leadership, enabling graduates to speak both languages. http://tppserver.mit.edu/

MIT Science Policy Initiative (SPI)

SPI educates graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at MIT about how science policy is made in the US.  We run a week-long Science Policy Bootcamp in January and participate in the AAAS sponsored Congressional Visits Day in April.  In addition, we host numerous talks and lunch seminars to broaden awareness of issues in science policy at MIT. http://web.mit.edu/spi/

MIT Program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS)

Scholars in STS conduct research at that meeting point of the history of science and technology to anthropology, sociology, and literature. Scholars in STS ask “How do changes in science and technology affect what it means to be human?” and, conversely, “How do science and technology express human values?” http://web.mit.edu/sts/

MIT TechLink

TechLink’s mission is to help the MIT graduate community connect, collaborate, and innovate, spreading the outreach of amazing research and chances occurring at MIT and establishing bridges between peers. We host and sponsor fun events & initiatives linking students across disciplines with each other, alumni and professional networks. Want to see MIT’s nuclear reactor? Want to meet the people behind Media Lab gadgets that often make front-page news? We’re all ears. http://techlink.mit.edu/

MIT DUSP Science Impact Collaborative

The MIT USGS Science Impact Collaborative (MUSIC), in MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning, seeks to bridge the very different cultures of the citizen, scientist and public official. MUSIC trains a new kind of environmental professional, the “Science Impact Coordinator”, and conducts action-research in science-intensive environmental disputes in the United States and abroad. http://web.mit.edu/dusp/epp/music/

Harvard Program on Science, Technology and Society (STS)

STS at Harvard University’s Kennedy School seeks to develop foundational, policy-relevant insights into the nature of science and technology, and the ways in which they both influence and are influenced by society, politics, and culture. The STS Program sponsors a weekly discussion group, public lectures and panels, and occasional larger events, often in collaboration with other Harvard academic units and research centers. http://www.hks.harvard.edu/sts/

Harvard GSAS Science Policy Group

The Harvard GSAS Science Policy Group was established to engage scientists in the public policy issues that are a result of, and directly effect, scientific advancement. Activities include topical discussion sessions, practical workshops, invited speakers, debates, panel discussions, and direct communication between individual researchers and state and federal legislators.  Visit our blog or join our list-serve at http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/societyofscientists.

Harvard Kennedy School Science, Technology and Policy PIC

The Science, Technology and Policy Professional Interest Council (PIC) is a student group at the Harvard Kennedy School, exploring the interaction between policymaking and science & technology, and the impact thereof on society. http://www.hks.harvard.edu/

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To follow up after the success of our first symposium this spring and bridge the long tine until our symposium in spring 2011, we will organize a mixer on October 20! Join the event and connect with other researchers, students and groups from the greater Cambridge area, interested in the intersection of Science, Technology and [...]

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